LA Chinatown Celebrates the 74th Annual Moon Festival Tradition in a Modern Way

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Sept. 10, 2012
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LA Chinatown Celebrates the 74th Annual Moon Festival Tradition in a Modern Way

(Los Angeles, CA) – The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Zhongqiu Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated by the Chinese dating back over 3,000 years. Farmers celebrate the end of the harvesting season on this date and Chinese family members and friends gather to gaze at the bright harvest moon and eat moon cakes. As homage to this time of year, Los Angeles Chinatown will host the 74th Annual Harvest Moon Festival on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2011 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. by fusing traditional ceremonies with more modern interpretations.

This free event offers event-goers a chance to see exciting roaming cultural acts such as lion dancers and kung fu artists perform against the magical neon backdrop of LA Chinatown. Held in Chinatown’s Central and West Plaza, the festival organizers plan to activate the historical plazas with hands-on cultural workshops, art gallery openings, food trucks, artisans, ghost story-telling, ping pong tourneys and shopping and dining at nearby Chinatown restaurants and merchants.

Children of all ages can enjoy art projects centered on the tradition of the Moon Festival and Chinatown’s favorite bakeries will provide complimentary moon cake sampling. Foodies will be delighted as Chinatown’s best chefs demonstrate their culinary prowess utilizing a state of the art outdoor kitchen—attendees get to sample the food after each dish is made.

As the moon starts to rise above the horizon, it will be in full view and attendees will get a chance to learn why this time of year is so special. Unlike the traditional Chinese custom of gazing at the bright harvest moon, attendees get to view it in greater detail using state-of-the-art telescopes provided by Griffith Observatory. Anthony Cook from the observatory will be on hand to demonstrate how to get the best view.

The 74th Annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is free for all ages at Chinatown’s historic Central and West Plaza (943-951 N. Broadway Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012). Plenty of street and event parking is available. The festival is easily accessed via Metro Gold Line rail from the Chinatown Station.

For detailed program information, please call (213) 680-0243 or visit:

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